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     The National Drug Screening Center of China Pharmaceutical University was originally established on the basis of “XinZhong Center for New Drug R&D Center” in accordance with the “New Drug Discovery and Manufacturing System” project. Our center will follow “Innovation, Interdiscipline and Continuous Development” principle; establishing new drug discovery and manufacturing systems; offering drug screening services to universities, research institutions and commercial entities world wide, with an ultimate goal of establishing a modern drug screening system and accelerating the pace of China's innovative drug research and development.

     The Center has undertaken multinomial projects requested and supported by government. For example, Project of “Setting Up New High-throughput Screening Models” supported by “National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 program No.2001AA234011)” has been accomplished successfully; “Studying New Drug Screening Technology Platform”, “Studying Slow Releasing Kurorinone” and “Safety Evaluation on Chinese Thorowax Root”(major special project in Mega-projects of Science Research for the 10th Five-year Plan) are in process; “Safety Evaluation Platform of Chinese Traditional Medicine Innovation ---Setting Up Admission(i.v) Systems on rat for long period” granted by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine is also being carried out.

      The overall research capabilities of the center have been improved markedly and achieved international standards through performing these projects. The center has developed and perfected comprehensive new drug screening models on both molecular/cellular and organ/intact animal levels. The center's principle screening and research areas are concentrated on tumor, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, immunity disease and diabetes, etc. (see table for screening models). The center has formed an advanced and high-efficient new drug screening platform, which includes rapid and automated primary screening and further screening for verification. In the same time, the center has set up unique screening system on toxicokinetics and metabolic toxicity in order to studying mechanism and safety of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as providing foundation for clinical study.

At present, the center's research emphasis includes the two directions:
     One is: focusing on major and frequently-occurring diseases among the Chinese population, establishing and developing new screening targets, models and technologies; performing large-scale compound screening and study; developing new leads and drug candidates; providing foundation for drug discovery.
     The other is: focusing on the study of ADME/T to obtain the pharmacokinetics information of chemical compounds; setting up toxicological evaluation system for traditional Chinese medicine and lead compounds; providing a practical method for studying traditional Chinese medicine toxic mechanism.

     The center occupies an independent building of 3100m 2 . It consists of a series of functional divisions such as Molecular Biology, High-throughput Screening, Cell Culture, Isolated Organ Screening, Drug Metabolism, Toxicokinetics, Pharmacokinics, Chemical Compound Libraries and Scientific Archives. The center is equipped with sophiscated instruments including HydraPP liquid handling device(Matrix,USA), Safire2 Microplate reader(Tecan, Switzerland), Gel Documentation system (Bio-Rad,USA), DNA PCR Cycler (PerkimElmer,USA), Super speed CeNtrifuger(Sovall,USA), HPLC (HP1050, HP;LC-10AT, LC2010, SHIMADZU), HPLC-MS(2010, SHIMADZU), Cell Incubator (Hearaeus,German), organ perfuse system (HSE,German), Cation Measurement System(SPEX,USA), Microplate Reader(3550, biorad), Ultra Low Temperature Freezer(HFC386, Hearaeus), Anti-bacterial Determiner, Locomotion Activity System (OPTOMONI, USA), Tail Systolic blood pressure measurement(LETICA,JP), Microdialysis system(CMA,Sweden), protein fraction collectore(Actor Pharmacia,Sweden), flow cytometry(BD, USA), Multilabel counter (Victor 1420, USA), etc. Meanwhile, the center also constructed about 1800m2 standard animal labs to meet the demand for different animal experiments such as labs for Beagle dog, Monkey, Rabbit, Guinea Pig and SPF level labs for nude mouse.

     In order to offer advanced services to universities, research institutions and commercial entities nationwide and ensure effective operation of the drug screening system, the center collects both pure synthetic and natural compound worldwide and sets up related information database. All the information related to the samples is protected via intellectual asset in the form of copyright. We look forward to cooperating with all the universities and research institutions and pharmaceutical companies nationwide.

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